Tummy Time Baby Play Water Mat Slapped

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  • HIGH QUALITY: Our water play mat is made of high quality environmentally friendly materials and HEAVY DUTY PVC that has been thoroughly tested and will NOT LEAK air or water PERIOD. Durable and comfortable to protect your child’s health and smile.
  • STUNNING VIEW: Your infant will be FASCINATED by the Octopus and other cute floating toys.
  • EYE-CATCHING GRAPHICS: Fascinated by the bright colors, sharp contrasts and cute floating toys. Rain or shine is tummy time! Your baby will try to catch and pat the bright colored toys as they float by. This baby splash pad will provide hours of quality stimulating and healthy fun.
  • BABY DEVELOPMENT: This water mat is an important method for developing head, neck and shoulder muscles. It will also develop hand-eye coordination with fine motor and social skills and helps brain development.
  • BEST GIFT: For ages 3 months and up with a large roomy play size area designed to Inspire Your Child to Explore The Fun of Ocean World and Develop Imaginative.



Tummy Time Baby Play Water Mat

The Tummy Time Baby Play Water Mat is a must-have accessory for every parent looking to provide their little one with a fun and engaging playtime experience. This innovative mat is designed to encourage babies to enjoy tummy time, a crucial developmental milestone.

With its vibrant colors and cute underwater theme, this water mat is sure to capture your baby’s attention. The mat is made of high-quality, non-toxic PVC material that is safe for your baby to play on. It is also durable and easy to clean, making it perfect for everyday use.

The water-filled mat provides a comfortable surface for your baby to lie on while they explore their surroundings. The mat features various floating sea creatures, adding an element of excitement to your baby’s playtime. As your baby moves and kicks, the water inside the mat moves, creating a sensory experience that will keep them entertained for hours.

Not only is the Tummy Time Baby Play Water Mat fun, but it also offers numerous developmental benefits. Tummy time helps strengthen your baby’s neck, shoulder, and arm muscles, promoting healthy growth and development. It also helps improve their balance and coordination skills.

Give your baby the best start in life with the Tummy Time Baby Play Water Mat. Order yours today and watch your little one thrive during tummy time!


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